Gabrielle Union An Alcoholic, Dwyane Wade a Cheater?

That's what his newborn baby's mother is saying! So if you thought NBA star Dwyane Wade' situation was twisted before, just brace yourself.

Now, the situation is definitely in knots! Since New Year's Eve, a number of developments have surfaced since the Miami Heat star confirmed that he fathered a child that wasn't for his new fiancé', Gabrielle Union.

While that information alone was enough to cause a media firestorm, the details that are slowly coming to the light are even more mind-blowing.

The 3x NBA champion has a woman by the name of Aja Metoyer to thank for it all.

Metoyer, the mother of his newborn child, definitely feels some type of way, since Wade went public with the news, and she's taken the liberty of verbally expressing her disdain.

According to MediaTakeOut, Metoyer took to Twitter earlier today to share her side of the story.

However, Wade isn't the only one she verbally attacked. She went for his fiancé' jugular, slamming her as well. Although her tweets were subliminal and evasive, they did, indeed, pack a heavy punch.

However, Metoyer's account was quickly deleted shortly after the tweets started gaining attention. But, the tweets caused such a frenzy, that the hashtag #AjaMetoyer is still lighting up timelines. Now, the account is back up again.

Now, most are asking was it even her. Well, there's definitely confirmation that her account wasn't a hoax, and the more media outlets dug for information, the truth was actually uncovered by Wade himself. Wade had actually corresponded with Metoyer via Twitter some time ago.

However, that discovered also led to the truth about the child's conception while he and Union were 'on break'. His public statement is exactly why she went on her Twitter rant.

Rolling Out reports that according to TMZ's timeline, Wade and Union were actually together when the child was conceived. The timeline is believed to be the reason why Metoyer fired off on Twitter, as she is insinuating that he and Union were not separated at the time they were together.

While most thought this particular situation was water under the bridge, it appears that it is still in the evolving stage. Fans will just have to wait and see how the entire situation plays out! Hopefully Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union can weather the storm and make it down the aisle peacefully.