Ellie Goulding: I Can’t Find A Boyfriend, They Think I’m Too Nice

Ellie Goulding says she’s got a unique dilemma — she’s too nice to get a boyfriend.

The British singer who has been linked to some pop stars, including One Direction’s Niall Horan, said that her good girl image actually works against her in the romance department.

“People seem to think I’m more wife material than girlfriend material,” she told Marie Claire. “That’s probably why I’m single! People want to marry me – and nothing before it.”

Ellie Goulding also tried to dispel the notion that she’s a goody-two-shoes.

“People might think I am [squeaky clean] but I’m not. I’ve been quite clever about what gets in the press but I’ve done some stupid things, some reckless things. A few too many drinks have caused a lot of things to happen.”

Goulding has been fairly guarded about her love life. Last year she revealed that she had a brief relationship with fellow British singer Ed Sheeran, one she actually denied at the time.

“I love that holding hands with my friends means we’re an item,” Ellie tweeted in response to rumors that the two were a couple. “In that case I am in many relationships. Lover not a hater.”

But Ed later confirmed that while they were indeed dating, the relationship had since ended.

“I mean, normal people don’t hold hands if they’re just friends,” Sheeran told Washington radio station Click 98.9 via Us Weekly. “It was going on. And now it’s not.”

But Ellie Goulding has plenty of other things going on even if her love life is stalled. She recently struck up a friendship with Prince William and his wife Kate, talking about the couple in her interview.

“They’re just a really awesome couple, lovely people, so I understand why people are fascinated by them,” Goulding said.

Ellie Goulding also has a three-month North American tour starting in the spring.