Super Bowl Ad Contest Finalists Revealed [Videos]

The Super Bowl ad finalists have been announced by Doritos. There are currently five contestants remaining in the competition. Doritos will choose one ad and the other will be chosen by viewers on the company’s website.

The two commercials will air during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2. The final winner will receive the grand prize of $1 million. The winner will also have an opportunity to visit the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” contest received thousands of submissions from around the world. The finalists are currently listed on the website, and fans will have until January 29 to vote for their favorite ad.

The ad titled Time Machine was created by Ryan Thomas Anderson. The ad features a young boy who invites “Mr. Smith” to step inside his time machine, which is actually a large cardboard box. The boy explains that the time machine is powered by Doritos. He instructs Mr. Smith to put his bag of Doritos through a slot in the side of the box.

With Mr. Smith inside, the boy proceeds to feed the Doritos to his dog. He then shakes the box, which makes Mr. Smith think he is indeed traveling into the future. The commercial is simple, cute, and has a fantastic ending.

The potential Super Bowl ad, titled Office Thief, was created by Chris Capel. The ad features a gentleman who is being reprimanded in his boss’ office. The boss is accusing the man of stealing everyone’s Doritos. Although the office thief’s face is covered in orange cheese powder and his pockets are overflowing with Doritos, he continues to deny the accusation.

The Cowboy Kid ad, submitted by Amber Gill, features a mother and two young boys. The mother is carrying two large bags of groceries and asks the boys for help. Although they are hesitant, she eventually persuades them with a bag of Doritos.

As the two boys race toward the car, one of the boys, who is dressed like a cowboy, climbs onto the family dog and proceeds to ride him like a horse. The boys’ epic battle for the bag of flavored corn chips is priceless.

Another finalist for the Super Bowl ad is titled Breakroom Ostrich. Like the Office Thief ad, Eric Haviv’s ad begins in the boss’ office. However, in addition to the employee being accused of stealing the chips, the office ostrich is also under suspicion.

The commercial cuts to the break room, where the human employee is stuffing his face with Doritos. The ostrich briefly walks into the room and leaves — without taking any chips. Although the ostrich does not eat any chips, the other employee blames him for the bad behavior.

The last finalist, submitted by ThomasNoakes, is certainly the most unusual and controversial of the finalists. Doritos “Finger Cleaner” begins with several mechanics sitting in a garage. As one of the men’s hands is covered with the bright orange cheese powder, his co-workers tell him to use the “finger cleaner,” which is a hole in the wall.

When the man sticks his finger inside and pulls it back out, it is clean. The scene cuts to an office, which is on the other side of the wall. Inside the office a man is seated at a desk. When someone sticks their finger through the hole in the wall, the other man proceeds to clean it off with his mouth.

The 2014 Super Bowl ad finalists are all interesting and fun. However, only one ad will win the $1 million prize.

[Image via Wikimedia]