Actress Rose McGowan Witnesses Knockout Game Attack In California

Actress Rose McGowan claims she was a witness to a knockout game attack in Venice, California. The attack occurred last night, according to what McGowan described in a series of tweets that she sent out about seeing an assault on a 65-year-old man.

McGowan said that she chased the perpetrator who was wearing a mask and called 911 when he got away.

The knockout game is a disturbing trend that has teenagers targeting unsuspecting, random strangers with an aim of knocking them out with one punch. The incidents have taken place for several months spanning many different states, but is starting to gain more attention thanks to some viral videos of attacks spreading on the internet. Many of the attacks appear to have a racial component or an anti-Semitic component.

In October, the actress married artist Davey Detail in Los Angeles. Although there is a lot of buzz about bringing back the TV show Charmed in some capacity, McGowan recently referred to a proposed Charmed reboot as lame.

In a separate incident of what appears to be knockout-game-related violence, a local chef/musician was brutally beaten by three men at the Charlottesville, Va. Downtown Mall who even stopped to high-five each other during the attack.

"Even though one of the victims, Jeanne Doucette, managed to take photos that appear to show the assailants as they kicked and pummeled her boyfriend Marc Adams to unconsciousness, Charlottesville Police still do not have any suspects … Both victims wondered whether the episode was an example of the so-called 'knock-out game,' in which assailants randomly strike an innocent passerby with the goal of rendering them unconscious."
Doucette was also attacked by the suspects, who fled by the time police officers arrived on the scene.

The Charlottesville police chief subsequently ordered an investigation into the investigation, i.e., why detectives seemed to drop the ball in probing this brutal attack. Through a spokesman, the chief admitted that the department "had an internal breakdown."

[image credit: knightmare6]