Brock Lesnar UFC Rumors Wrong, Will WWE WrestleMania 30 Have Undertaker Vs Lesnar?

The Brock Lesnar UFC rumors are pretty much voided by WWE RAW, but it’s still possible we may see The Undertaker VS Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, UFC President Dana White was asked about Lesnar returning to the UFC, but he was rather coy in his response, triggering a wave of speculation on social media.

Some reports claimed it was possible there was a secret meeting, so reporters quizzed White again, who responded:

“I don’t know. If there was something there and I hadn’t announced it, why would I tell you anyway… You don’t worry about what’s going on with Brock, if something happens with Brock, you’ll know about it.”

But the rumor mill wouldn’t die down since when Lesnar left the UFC, White was much more adamant:

“He’s done. He’s never coming back. His body can’t take it. He said he can wrestle, but he can’t fight.”

In 2009, Brock faced the biggest fight in his life with a case of Diverticulitis, a stomach disease. His UFC winning streak started to suffer after the illness, and he suffered a flare up that caused him to cancel a match in 2011. After having surgery to remove a foot length of his colon, Lesnar was TKO’d in under three minutes and then promptly announced his retirement. Since then he’s been maintaining a limited schedule with the WWE due to his health, which makes sense since you can’t exactly ask MMA fighters to avoid hard gut punches while you can get away with that in wrestling.

Now that the dust has settled, some reports are claiming the UFC rumors were an attempt at promoting Brock Lesnar’s WWE return. He’s apparently under an exclusive contract with the WWE that lasts until WrestleMania 31 in April of 2015. It’s considered doubtful that Vince McMahon or Triple H would amend the contract to let him compete in a UFC match.

But there’s still one other rumor that refuses to die: Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker. This matchup was supposedly originally slated for WrestleMania 27, but Lesnar’s UFC contract didn’t allow it even though the two men publicly berated each after the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2010 (of course, it was probably staged). WrestleMania 30 is also supposed to be hosting Triple H vs. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. Shawn Michaels, although nothing has been confirmed.