Polar Bear Plunge 2014 Sets Record For Crazy Swimmers [Video]

The Polar Bear Plunge 2014 is an annual event held in South Boston and this year 600 swimmers took on the challenge armed only with their speedos and bikinis.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the other side of the nation is suffering from a drought and wishes things would only cool off.

The LStreet Brownies hosted the Polar Bear Plunge 2014 event, which was the 111th time this particular icy tradition has taken place. According to the National Weather Service, the local conditions during the Polar Bear Plunge included a water temperature of 42 degrees Fahrenheit, but the wind only chilled the participants even further with its 24 degrees blast.

But Polar Bear Plunge 2014 was not just for fun. They hoped to raise at least $3,000 to fund two scholarships for high school graduates in the area. No one was charged to join in the fun, but the hosts sold T-shirts and much-needed hot chocolate. The Polar Bear Plunge was also dedicated to William McDermott, a Boston lawyer who was killed by a car when crossing the road near L Street.

But the Polar Bear Plunge is also celebrated throughout North America, including locations ranging from Vancouver, Canada to Flagstaff, Arizona. The water and air were actually slightly warmer in Vancouver’s English Bay, clocking in at 42 and 46 degrees. Spokesman Sean Healy thinks these conditions might have led to a new record:

“This year we had 2,550 swimmers at the polar bear swim, which is a record, previously eclipsing a record of 2,246 in 2011, with approximately 10,000 spectators.”

What do you think about the Polar Bear Plunge? Good way to break in the New Year or just a crazy start to 2014?