Kathy Griffin Once Suggested A ‘Lesbian Three-way With Susan Boyle And Oprah’

Kathy Griffin sent a picture of herself to co-host Anderson Cooper. But the photo was of her topless – sort of. As you can see above, it’s just a view of her back, which meets the definition of topless, but that’s not what you would imagine from the screaming headlines.

Cooper tweeted the pic – and now it’s all over the internet. He said that Griffin “just sent me this photo of her outfit for New Year’s Eve. She’s kidding, right? Please tell me she is.”

Kathy Griffin did some tweeting herself about the freezing weather conditions she would be facing in New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. She said, “Let the nipple freezing begin!”

Griffin and Cooper been co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live since 2007. Their contrasting personalities work well together, although Griffin’s extreme concepts of humor have caused no end of controversy.

For example, when they were discussing the “Balloon Boy” hoax story in 2009 Griffin muttered “Wait..Falcon? F–kin’? Falcon? How do you say it?” Cooper told her that she was terrible, and they moved to the next topic.

Griffin”s humor took an even more bizarre twist when she joked about having a “lesbian three-way with Susan Boyle and Oprah [Winfrey].” Cooper also appeared uncomfortable when Griffin crudely complimented his looks: “How do you not just stare in the mirror all day and pleasure yourself because you’re so gorgeous?” she asked.

Then, in 2011, Griffin kissed Cooper fully on the lips — much to his discomfort — and joked about watching his “balls drop” at midnight. In 2012, she went one step further when she simulated giving Cooper oral sex.

The next day she appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman and he asked her, “You went down on Anderson Cooper or something as the ball dropped – What did you do to Anderson Cooper?”

Griffin responded, “If you think this is the part where I’m gonna apologize for trying to go down on Anderson Cooper, you are sorely mistaken – I tried, ladies and gays. I tried for you. later, Griffin was criticized for being “lewd” and “vulgar.”

Letterman asked Griffin how she would feel if the situation were reversed. “Let’s say a man on television did that to you. What would the reaction be?” Griffin replied instantly, “If it was Anderson Cooper, myself and every other gay guy and women would say—I’d unzip so fast. Boom! Pants down!”

What has Kathy Griffin got in store for us in 2014? Presumably she did not make a New Year’s resolution to clean up her act.