Bill Cowher Rumors: Former Coach Generating Buzz For NFL Vacancies

Bill Cowher is again surrounded by rumors that he will be leaving the comfort of the broadcast booth to return to the NFL sidelines.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers coach, who led his team to a Super Bowl title before retiring, has been rumored as a candidate for the Washington Redskins coaching vacancy and other openings.

Though Cowher hasn’t spoken about whether he wants to return to coaching, the Redskins job would seem a decent fit. The franchise has a tendency to select established coaches rather than rolling the dice with hot young assistant coaches and Cowher would be an excellent successor to Mike Shanahan.

The job itself is also attractive, with two promising young quarterbacks in Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, as well as an owner in Daniel Snyder who isn’t afraid to spend money to establish a contender.

The Washington Times pegged Bill Cowher as a potential candidate for the job, along with former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith and Redskins defensive backs coach Raheem Morris.

Bill Cowher is no stranger to coaching rumors. Last year, his name popped up in regard to several openings, though Cowher opted to stay in his job as an analyst for CBS Sports.

It wasn’t just coaching openings that churned the Bill Cowher rumor mill. CBS Radio in New York reported on a rumor that Cowher could join the front office of the New York Jets after the team fired GM Mike Tannenbaum.

But it seems it will take the perfect situation for Bill Cowher to leave the comfort of the CBS studios. He has reportedly been offered coaching jobs in the past but refused. And if he chose not to return in 2013, when there were vacancies at attractive franchises like the Philadelphia Eagles, Cowher seems unlikely to toss his hat in the ring for openings like the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.