Katy Perry Doesn’t Look Impressed With Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Show [Video]

Katy Perry reportedly attended the first gig of Britney Spears’ two-year stint in Las Vegas. Judging from the videos circulating online, the singer doesn’t look too amused with the show.

Compared to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Perry looks downright miserable at the recent show. While the Cyrus and Gomez are clearly moved by Spears’ set, the “Roar” singer seems strangely bored with the whole thing. Check out the videos in question below.

Of course, just because Katy Perry isn’t gyrating wildly in the aisles doesn’t necessarily mean she’s completely unimpressed with Britney Spears’ show. There are quite a few people in the audience who are simply standing around as they take everything in.

While folks would have you believe that Perry was completely bored with the pop star’s first Planet Hollywood performance, all of this speculation is seemingly based around these videos. Until she officially declares the Spears’ gig a complete disaster, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.

If Katy Perry wasn’t really feeling Britney Spears or her performance, then Miley Cyrus made up the difference. In addition to bouncing around with boundless energy during the set, she locked lips with one of the singer’s dancers. Check out that video below as well.

Reviews for the Las Vegas residency were very mixed at best. The New York Times writer Joe Caramanica was more impressed with the show’s production values than the singer.

He wrote:

“‘Piece of Me’ is probably the least staid of the single-artist Vegas residencies; everything about it, save Ms. Spears, is splashy and top volume. The costumes, by Marco Marco, were vibrant, and the choreography, by the Squared Division, was powerful, particularly during “Scream & Shout,” when dancers maneuvered a pair of circular hamster-wheel-like structures. As for Ms. Spears, the version of her displayed on screen — from old videos and the like — almost always looked more confident and more comfortable than the Ms. Spears who was onstage.”

Mikael Wood of the Los Angeles Times walked away from the experience feeling a little underwhelmed as well. In his lengthy review of the gig, Wood said, “Piece of Me” offers a very small slice of Britney Spears.

“[The show] suggests that instead of looking forward, Spears (and her handlers) are playing a dangerously cynical short game, exploiting the interest her name still inspires without regard for how the act’s shoddiness may limit her future options,” he explained.

Considering the lukewarm reception, maybe Katy Perry was completely bored with the set. For now, you’ll have to decide how she felt from the videos floating around online.

Check out Miley’s antics at the show.

Do you think Katy Perry was unimpressed with Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show?

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