Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess Sporting Baby Bump, Reportedly Ready For Baby No. 2

Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby No. 2, new reports from the UK have claimed.

Kate and husband Prince William are still raising Prince George, who have just turned five months old, but reports say that Kate is already well on her way to giving her baby boy a sibling. The duchess has been seen twice in the past week stepping out with what witnesses say appears to be a baby bump.

Star Magazine is now reporting that Kate Middleton is three months pregnant, and is having a much easier go this time around. When she was pregnant with Prince George, Kate suffered a severe form of morning sickness that forced her to be hospitalized and treated for dehydration.

The story would appear to have some backing. Kate has made it clear that she and Prince William want a large family, saying she wants to have three children within five years, so a pregnancy now would make sense.

But if Kate Middleton is pregnant, it may not have been planned. If the rumored timeline is correct, then Kate would have gotten pregnant when George was two months old, just around the time it would have been safe for her and Prince William to start trying for a baby again. Rumors that Kate went through a bout of postpartum depression also add to evidence that the pregnancy may have been a surprise.

Indications are that Baby George is easy enough for Kate and William. He was on his best behavior at one of his few extended public appearances, his christening back in October.

“He was such a good boy actually. We were very lucky, he’s not always like that,” Kate said.

Though Prince George may be getting a sibling in 2014, the evidence that Kate Middleton is pregnant remains flimsy for the moment. Reports of a baby bump may be nothing more than ill-fitting clothing, and the royal palace will likely announce news as soon as there is something concrete to report.