Maria Shriver House Shopping For L.A. Condo

With her marriage to cheating husband Arnold Schwarzenegger coming to an end Maria Shriver has began shopping for a pricey L.A. Condo, in fact according to various sources the hunt for a new home began for Shriver in January.

If that January date is in fact correct it means Shriver was more than likely told about the affair immediately after Arnold left public office.

TMZ has learned that Maria looked at a condo at The Carlyle on Wilshire the same complex that plays home to Bruce Willis, Sofia Vergara, Paul Anka and others. Sources say she didn’t like the $10 million- $14 million units and moved on to some 3-bedroom condos prices in the $4 million – $7 million range.

Ultimately Shriver decided the building was full of too many paparazzi prone stars and moved on to other undisclosed digs.