New Green Lantern Trailer Shows More Of the “Corps” [Video]

As a huge fan of the Green Lantern comic book series I was more than distraught when the first trailer was released and appeared to almost be a campy romantic comedy of sorts with some explosions thrown in for good measure, however a new “3D Trailer” which has now debuted shows a much more refined project.

In the new ‘3D trailer’ which can’t be watched in 3D unless your in a 3D theater already, the first minute and a half is spent examining the Green Lantern Corps, an integral part of the comic book franchise that was largely ignored when the first trailer was shown.

Take a look at the Green Lantern Trailer:

It’s nice to see rich worlds finally being created for comic book based movies, rather than simply setting them in our own world and throwing in some bad guys with explosions.

Are you as excited as I am to see this movie the second it releases?