[RUMOR] Wii 2 controller has built-in camera

Already rumored to be packing a 6-inch touchscreen and possibly a stylus, the controller for Wii 2 is sounding like a hefty beast. And it just got heftier, with new speculation suggesting it also boasts a built-in camera. Wut?

An ‘inside source’ close to Develop claims that the controller uses a front-facing camera system that can be used for ‘in-game images.’ Exactly what that means I’m not sure, though this thing is sounding closer and closer to a 3DS.

Develop’s source also repeated a lot of gossip that we’ve heard before – as well as a touchscreen and stylus, the mole claimed the controller has a ‘standard’ button layout. Frankly, the buzz around the Wii 2 pad seems to be eclipsing the actual console itself.

Anyway, if Nintendo can pack all this junk in a controller and sell it for the usual controller price of $35, I will be seriously impressed. Something’s gotta give! On June 7th, we’ll find out for sure with the Wii 2 unveiling.

[Via Develop]