Katy Perry And John Mayer’s Hotel Demands Revealed

Katy Perry and John Mayer reportedly require a few luxury items when they visit area hotels. However, it’s really not as bad as some websites would have you believe.

When you take a moment to look over tour and hotel riders from other celebrities, the stuff that Mayer and Perry demand during their treks around the globe aren’t altogether outrageous. They might sound a little demanding to some folks, but it’s fairly reasonable considering the amount of time they spend away from home.

“John and Katy get VIP treatment wherever they go. It’s usually all the same items for TV shows, backstage at concerts and hotels,” an anonymous source recently told Life & Style magazine.

The insider continued, “John and Katy’s suite at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC during their stay was one of the nicest rooms at the hotel. It is around $5,000 a night.”

While Katy Perry’s list is a little lengthy, John Mayer’s demands aren’t exactly over-the-top. In addition to an $80 bottle of Lagavulin 16, the singer-songwriter also wants a few cans of Cherry Coke for the fridge, room temperature bottled water, and a fruit tray with bananas. That’s pretty much it for Mayer.

Although Perry’s list is a little longer than her boyfriend’s, it’s really not exceedingly over-the-top. Outside of some healthy food and an electric kettle to brew her tea, Perry wants a director’s chair, a wardrobe steamer, and a full-length mirror. Compared to most celebritiy riders, this stuff is actually quite tame.

Check out the other things Katy Perry asks for during her hotel stays.

1. SmartWater
2. Plain Fage Greek yogurt
3. Organic toasted almond granola
4. Bananas, apples, tangerines
5. Fresh crudites to include at least 3 of the following types of vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, carrots, snap peas, jicama, broccoli, cauliflower
6. Sliced deli platter
7. Turkey and Swiss cheese
8. Dried mango slices
9. Flaxseed tortilla chips
10. Stacy’s Parmesan, garlic & herb pita chips
11. Plain hummus
12. Garlic hummus
13. Bowl of ranch dressing
14. Mad Mexican salsa verde
15. Fresh guacamole
16. Green and chamomile teas
17. Sencha Shot green tea (in a can)

If you think this list of demands is unreasonable, then you probably haven’t spent a lot of time looking through the celebrity riders over at The Smoking Gun. Compared to the likes of Mariah Carey, Metallica, and Janet Jackson, the couple’s demands are relatively tame.

What do you think about the items Katy Perry and John Mayer demand in their hotel rooms? Are these demands too unreasonable or over-the-top?