The world’s largest working NES controller

As if this didn’t already prove students have too much damn time on their hands, a bunch of Dutch undergrads have assembled the largest functional Nintendo Entertainment System controller ever.

It’s not really an official world record, because the Guinness people were missing to check up on this. However, it is veeeeery big – 3.6 meters by 1.6 meters (12 feet by 5 feet) big, to be precise, and it needs two people to operate it. As you can see in the video at this link (unembeddable – sorry), kids had a blast playing giant screen Mario when the controller was set up in a market near Rotterdam.

Of far greater importance, this post officially makes The Inquisitr one of the Internet’s three leading purveyors of Giantass NES Controller stories.*

* This stat possibly fabricated.

[Tweakers, via Kotaku]