Dakota Fanning Growing Apart From Sister Elle As Their Career Paths Differ

Dakota Fanning and her sister Elle have reportedly been growing apart in recent years, choosing to live on different coasts as they each pursue their own Hollywood goals.

The young actresses and sisters have never been particularly close, at least in public. They have made few public appearances together and do not choose projects that bring them to work together.

A source recently told RadarOnline.com that Dakota Fanning and Elle have decided that living separate lives is the best approach as they build their own careers.

“They have something of a peace treaty, in the sense that Elle gets L.A. to herself, while Dakota is much happier in New York. Dakota is living off of the fortune she made as a child actor, instead of chasing after every big job under the sun,” the source said.

Part of the split comes from Dakota Fanning working to shed the “child actor” label she earned with projects like I Am Sam and establish herself as an adult actress in Hollywood. She has carefully selected more adult roles and even appeared in advertising campaigns that seem well beyond her age, including a controversial spot for Marc Jacobs when she was still 17.

At the same time, Elle Fanning is trying to make herself something more than Dakota Fanning’s sister. She has four projects in the works for next year, including working with Angelina Jolie in Maleficient. Sources say that Angelina was so impressed with Elle that she took the young actress under her wing.

“Elle is the more ambitious one,” a source said. “Dakota is the one who could quit acting to start a band at the drop of a hat. Dakota is completely unimpressed with the red carpet culture in Hollywood, while Elle totally worships it.”

Dakota Fanning has her own heavy workload, starring in four upcoming movies including the title character in the movie Effie Gray.