Lindsay Lohan is being Stalked

Oft-in-trouble actress Lindsay Lohan has her very own stalker. After getting kicked out of a part at Chateua Marmont this week Lohan was returning to her L.A. home when she discovered a guy hanging outside her window.

Lindsay posted a surveillance video of the man she claims is stalking her, she also says he threatened to kill her via a message left on her personal website.

In a Tweet sent to her fans Lohan states:

“This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me – while he is TRESPASSING! im actually scared now…All my fans, my supporters, please stand by me.”

According to the man has been leaving Lohan presents for more than four years, drives by her home at all hours of the day and night and even managed to get his hands on Lohan’s phone number, leaving her disturbing voice and text messages.

If that’s not creepy enough for Lohan she will soon be required to wear an ankle monitor and will be forced to stay at home to serve her 120 day sentence. Nothing like having a stalker outside your window when you can’t leave.

No word yet on whether Lohan will file charges, although all signs point to yes.