Keira Knightley Spotted Twice In Baggy Dungarees, Why?

Keira Knightley is so sexy that she could probably pull off any outfit and look stunning. So why has she been spotted and pictured twice in a week wearing baggy dungarees, some old lace-up boots and an eco bag?

Well I don’t know the answer to that other than to suggest that Keira is going for some kind of “geek chic” look and frankly, as it’s her, she doesn’t look half bad. To compliment her farmers look she wore a cream, sheepskin coat during a shopping spree in London.

When it comes to fashion, Keira Knightley is known to be quite modest. It was even reported around the time of her wedding, that she wore her wedding dress before and after the big day.

So are Keira’s dungarees at least some expensive designer name, assumedly brand new? Oh no, they were clearly well worn as the holes in the knee area showed. On top of that, Keira Knightley seems so confidant and at ease with herself that she appeared to be completely make-up free.

Sure, the large round dark rimmed she sported hid her face a bit, but there wasn’t a hint of a foundation or a spot of lipstick in sight. So Keira is known for her tomboyish, somewhat modest fashion sense – but could this be a case of an identity crisis or low self esteem?

After all, if one wants to hide from the cameras and show no figure or shape, wear no make-up and a hat and dark glasses perhaps she really has something to hide. Although at this time no pregnancy rumors have surfaced, they may come soon soon if she continues wearing dungarees.

What do you think of Keira Knightley‘s dungarees style? Do you think it suits her and that she pulls it off? Or should Keira make more of an effort to look sexier? Share your comments on the matter in the feed below.

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