Thank God for small mercies – CBS cancels “$#*! My Dad Says”

There is some sanity in the world after all. Yes folks the totally moronic CBS sitcom that was based on the somewhat humorous messages of the Twitter account of @shitmydadsays has been mercifully cancelled.

While the humor might have been suited for the nearly 2.5 million people who follow the once famous Twitter account the idea that it could be translated into a weekly half hour sitcom was pushing the limits of any sane person’s funny bone.

Granted I have never watched a single episode and never had any intention of doing so but even the basic premise of trying to base any kind of television, or movie, off of someone’s Twitter stream was just plain ridiculous.

As Lauren Dugan points out at All Twitter “it’s a difficult task to turn 140 characters into a long running show” and while I realize that the average length of televisions show have degenerated into commercials versus content (with commercials winning) they are still longer than 140 characters.