Happy Festivus, For Rand Paul And The Rest Of Us

Festivus is celebrated around the world on December 23 every year. Although the holiday has gained in popularity, many people may not realized what it is. The term “Festivus” was coined by a character on the popular sitcom Seinfeld. In a 1997 episode, Frank Costanza, played by Jerry Stiller, declared the fictitious holiday.

In an effort to avoid the commercialism associated with the traditional Christmas holiday, Costanza created “Festivus… for the rest of us.” For those of us who want to celebrate the holiday in a unique and meaningful way.

Costanza’s holiday does not include decorations, gifts, or a Christmas tree. In place of a bright and colorful tree, Costanza introduced the Festivus pole. The aluminum pole is common and without decor — underlining his protest against a commercialized holiday.

Despite the obvious avoidance of Christmas tradition, the celebration does include a feast to be attended by family and friends. During the feast, the participants are invited to join the “Airing of Grievances.”

The Airing of Grievances gives each guest an opportunity to discuss their disappointments and grievances. The discussion is expected to be honest, open, and without boundaries. The guests are encouraged to tell the other guests how they have hurt or disappointed them throughout the year.

Following the feast and Airing of Grievances, the guests are invited to participate in an activity called “Feats of Strength.” The activity gives the party’s host an opportunity to choose an opponent for a wrestling match. Festivus ends when the opponent successfully pins the host.

As reported by Fox News, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul declared his Festivus plans via Twitter. Specifically, Paul used the time to air several grievances. In response to Paul’s ranting, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker eventually suggested a Feats of Strength challenge on the Senate floor.

There are many holiday celebrations throughout the winter season. However, Festivus may be one of the most interesting despite its unique origin.

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