Man Proposes To Girlfriend While In Police Handcuffs

Police allowed an Oklahoma man to complete his marriage proposal as he was being taken away in handcuffs.

An off-duty police detective spotted the man, identified in multiple media accounts as Justin Harrel, at the Elk City, Okla., “Christmas in the Park” celebration.The officer apparently was aware that Harrel was wanted on outstanding warrants in connection with alleged bad checks.

Harrel reportedly resisted arrest at first. When the officer conquered Harrel, love then conquered all.

When Detective Steve Bonds cuffed Harrel, 32, the suspect evidently was more conciliatory and asked for five minutes to pop the question to his girlfriend Elaina Rios, which he had planned to do all along.

According to AP, although he declined to remove the cuffs, Det. Bonds gave him the okay and actually participated in the ceremony via the long arm of the law, as it were. “The officer allowed Harrel to complete the marriage proposal, and Harrel’s girlfriend eventually said yes. Harrel then asked the officer to get the engagement ring from his coat pocket and give it to her.The officer handed the ring to the girlfriend.”

Rios, who accepted the marriage proposal as Harrel was led off to county jail, claimed that her fiancee and best friend is misunderstood and that “He’s really a good guy; he’s not a bad guy.”

“Its hard to propose being handcuffed,” said Elk City police chief Eddie Holland, who also quipped that the handcuffs usually appear after the marriage. The chief added that the officer-assisted marriage proposal was an example of the Christmas spirit. “People have lives, and we help them our best to live those lives.” The suspect was not charged with resisting arrest in the incident.

Do you think that getting engaged while your significant other is handcuffed and in police custody makes the experience even more romantic?

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