Spoilers!: Full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 plot leaked

Can’t wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Want to ruin the story for yourself nice and early? I can help! Or rather, Kotaku can help.

The popular blog has gotten its hands on a whole bunch of Modern Warfare 3 plot details, with locations, characters, and weapon details all discussed at length. There are also a few screenshots, seemingly taken from an early build of the game, and a repeat of the already-rumored November 8th global release date.

Kotaku’s full report can be found through HERE, though it goes without saying this is packed with SPOILERS. For those who wish to maintain their innocence, I think it’s safe to know the following:

♦ There are new and returning characters from previous Modern Warfare games
♦ At least ten different countries feature in the game’s levels
♦ You’re still buying this for the multiplayer, right?

Since Kotaku’s story went up, Activision executive Robert Bowling has tweeted that the information was partly accurate, partly not, and urged fans to wait for a full, official reveal of the game. That’s expected to take place early next month at the E3 expo, the world’s biggest games show.

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[Via Kotaku]