Kerri Kasem: Casey Kasem’s Elder Daughter Fails To Reach Visitation Agreement

Kerri Kasem, the daughter of Casey Kasem, is the only sibling who had failed to reach a visitation agreement concerning her father.

The Inquisitr reported about the ongoing dispute between the parties on November 19:

Casey Kasem, better known to most of us as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, is receiving ongoing treatment in hospital as he suffers in his senior years from severe Parkinson’s disease. According to a ruling by a judge on Tuesday, conservatorship is also necessary for him as a battle ensues between Kasem’s three children and his wife of 30 years.

The details of the visitation agreement have not been divulged to the public after the settlement was announced in an L.A. court on Friday.

Until recently, another daughter, Julie Kasem, had been seeking a conservatorship as her and her siblings had been blocked from visiting their dying father.

Julie’s Attorney, Andrew Katzenstein said following the settlement: “It’s been resolved. We’re glad the case was able to settle.”

Middle sibling, Mike, is also happy with the settlement as he told People Magazine: “For me, this matter is over with.”

Unfortunately, Kerri Kasem and her legal team are not satisfied with the visitation agreement. Her lawyer, Troy Martin, told reporters:

“We think the visitation terms are too restrictive. There hasn’t been an agreement reached between Kerri and Jean. It could require us to file another conservatorship. We’re still in negotiations.”

It remains to be seen what the final outcome of the agreement will be even following Friday’s hearing. As Kerri and her team continue their negotiations with the various parties to try and secure an agreement that she will be satisfied with.

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