Casey Kasem’s Children Blocked From Visiting Him By Wife

Casey Kasem, better known to most of us as the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo, is receiving ongoing treatment in hospital as he suffers in his senior years from severe Parkinson’s disease.

According to a ruling by a judge on Tuesday, conservatorship is also necessary for him as a battle ensues between Kasem’s three children and his wife of 30 years.

Superior Court Judge Lesley Green told the lawyers in the case that they needed to reach an agreement which would allow Kasem’s children to visit him.

According to Casey Kasem’s children, they have been blocked from seeing their dying father for quite some time.

Marshall Grossman. the lawyer representing Kasem’s wife Jean, said that the children rejected a proposal which allowed them to visit him monthly and on holidays.

It is clear that there is some bad blood in the family, but both lawyers have acknowledged that Kasem said he wants to see his children.

One of Kasem’s daughters, Julie, was looking for a temporary conservatorship for Casey Kasem, but judge Green rejected that as Kasem is receiving all the care and attention he needs at home.

Judge Green informed the lawyers that they must come to a visitation agreement and set another hearing for the end of December.

Jean’s lawyer, Grossman, said that he wanted to come to agreement but one that is fair for both of the parties: “We’re looking to bring peace, not piecemeal,” he said.

It remains to be seen if the lawyers in the Casey Kasem case will be able to reach an amicable agreement which suits both sides before the next court hearing on December 20.

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