Kim Kardashian to be UN Ambassador?

There are rumors that Kim Kardashian was asked by United Nations officials at the Empowerment of Africa dinner in New York if she would be interested in becoming a UN ambassador for South Africa.

I know if I was South African, I would be asking the UN if there was anyone else. Come on. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Bossip is reporting:

Word is the UN is looking for more influential “pop culture” celebs to inspire younger generations to become more involved in international affairs.

The source also told Bossip that Kim K. has officially teamed with Russell Simmon’s Diamond Empowerment Fund, but her specific role and duties have yet to be confirmed.

Ok. The UN are looking for desperate famewhores. Heidi Montag you must be next.


Apprently the UN Does have some dignity. Kim Kardashian denied the rumors she was asked to be a UN ambassador in a blog post.

I was not asked to be an ambassador for the U.N. (as some reports have suggested today) but it would be an honor and I definitely plan on helping out the U.N. in the future. I am also excited for the work that Russell and I have planed in our fight for Africa!