Obamacare Heroin Found Next To Kurt Cobain… Drug Dealers Like Affordable Care Act?

Obamacare heroin was found next to Kurt Cobain by police in a recent raid. No joke, although the drug dealers probably think it’s pretty funny. (And, yes, the title is a joke, as well.)

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there’s a real life Walter White whose career as a meth dealer has life imitating Breaking Bad.

So what exactly is this Obamacare heroin? It’s exactly what it sounds like, although it (hopefully) has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. After Massachusetts State Police made a major drug bust they found 1,000 bags of heroin stamped with the label “Obamacare” in red ink. (Maybe Obama should give these drug dealers Presidential pardons since they’re advertising Obamacare for free?)

Speaking of bad jokes, some of the bags were labeled as Kurt Cobain heroin. The famous rocker suffered from a heroin addiction so if this was intended to be humorous then someone has a mean streak.

And there’s more Obamacare heroin where that came from. Police discovered the conspiracy after they stopped Tyler Robenstein, Marquese Jones, Sherod Green, and Ashley Beaulieu in their car. The trunk was stuffed with 1,250 more bags of Obamacare heroin.

So, after the police let loose at least one laugh, they charged the Obamacare drug dealers with “trafficking in heroin, conspiracy to violate the drugs laws, possession to distribute a Class A substance, speeding, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to change lanes for an emergency vehicle.”

You might be asking at this point, “Why would drug dealers name it Obamacare heroin?” Apparently, those involved in drug trafficking tend to use code names to refer to their illegal product in hopes the police won’t catch on. Someone could say, “How about that Obamacare?”, and it could be a code for a certain action. State police Lt. Daniel Richard says it’s not unusual for heroin to be stamped with numbers, words or symbols to identify who’s selling it, but the Obamacare heroin was a new one.

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