John Wayne Gacy Presumed Victim Found Alive After 40 Years

John Wayne Gacy was one of the nations most prolific serial killers. Throughout the late 1970s, the professional clown admitted to luring 33 young men to his home to rape and kill them. Authorities later recovered 27 bodies from in and around Gacy’s Chicago home. Eight of the victims were never identified.

Although the serial killer was executed in May 1994, a detective with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office eventually reopened the case. Detective Jason Moran worked tirelessly to identify the remaining victims.

Edyth Hutton’s brother Robert vanished from the same area during the late 1970s. He also fit the description of Gacy’s victims, who were primarily young transients look for work.

Hutton’s search for her brother lasted for decades. When She heard Detective Moran was reopening John Wayne Gacy’s case, she feared her brother was one of the unidentified victims.

As reported by ABC News, Moran eventually determined Robert Hutton was not one of the victims. However, his interest in the disappearance was piqued. Moran said he decided “to follow through” and help Edyth find her missing brother.

In April, Detective Moran located Hutton in Stevensville, Montana. During a phone conversation, Hutton said he was stunned his family still wanted to “know about” him “after 41 years.” He was even more surprised that they assumed he was murdered by a serial killer.

Sutton said “it just kind of happened” that he lost touch with his family. When he eventually tried to reach them, he could not find their contact information. He said the recession forced him to move several times before settling in Montana. The 62-year-old said he was “stunned, and ecstatic, and freaked out,” to be reunited with his family.

Dubbed “The Killer Clown,” John Wayne Gacy admitted killing 33 young men. However, he could not identify the victims by name. Police recovered 27 victims from the scene. The remaining victims identities and the location of their remains are unknown.

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