Tritton Kunai Review

It may not be the most amazing headset in the world, but Mad Catz's latest mobile-centered headset, the Kunai, performs well at a low price.

The Kunai is Mad Catz's new stereo headset meant for smartphones and tablets, although it will work with most devices. Unlike other Kunais, Tritton's mobile version is not meant for console gaming, nor is it wireless. But without those extra features, Tritton has been able to offer the headset at $80.

Design-wise, the Kunai looks and feels great even when it is used for a long period of time, which is something that is incredibly important with both gaming and mobile headsets since people are apt to use them for extended periods.

The cable is somewhat short at 3.9 ft, however that will be more than enough for most people and it is not too long, which can be an issue with some mobile-oriented headsets.

With 40mm speakers, the Kunai is capable of reproducing high-quality sound and, while it may be noticeably different than what you would find with a pair of $400 desktop headphones, the Kunai is great for its price and size.

As with nearly all mobile headsets nowadays, the Kunai does include an inline remote with a built-in noise isolating microphone which works fine, but is nothing special.

Considering its $80 price tag, it was nice to see that Mad Catz/Tritton had included memory foam ear cups with the headset. These ear cups made for a pleasurable listening experience even after hours of using them.

Similar to the some of SteelSeries' headsets, the Kunai includes removable speaker tags which allow customers to have at least some level of control when it comes to how their headphones look. Depending on which color Kunai you purchase, the speaker tags will look different as well, allowing you to customize your look right off the bat.

Compared to other $80 mobile headphones, the Kunai is far superior to its competition. Although there is nothing outright amazing with the Kunai headphones, they work well and feel great.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $79.99 (Tritton)