Female peacock on lam from Bronx Zoo

Somehow, this doesn’t seem to have the urgent ring of the missing deadly cobra incident a few weeks ago. (It turns out the snake was actually just chilling under a rock all that time.)

Firstly, it’s actually called a “peahen,” and secondly, she was cornered twice so far outside the zoo but managed to break free. Once she had perched on a fence, and another time, handlers tracked her down atop a car. The New York Daily News describes one near capture of the glorious beast:

As the handlers got close, she flew off, hiding in tall grass around the corner.

“This is so exciting,” said Francisco Pineda, 25, one of the astonished onlookers who gathered. “It’s like I’m watching ‘Animal Planet.'”

Zoo workers crawling stealthily through the grass got within a few feet of the feisty fowl before she flew off again. She hasn’t been seen since.

Bronx Zoo Ornithology head Nancy Clum vows that the zoo will recapture the animal, which kind of makes her sound like the bad guy in a Disney film. And the missing peahen is apparently already using Twitter to update her 2,000 followers as to her whereabouts as she moves around the Boogie Down.

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