Amy Winehouse Obviously Cares About 2 Million Dollars

In yet another fabulously unfortunate Winehouse career turn, it looks like Amy can’t even be asked to show up sober for the really big, incredibly-quick-buck shows. Her 2-million-an-hour gig, planned for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s girlfriend and her art gallery opening, failed to meet expectations– and that’s putting it lightly.

Amy caught a plane in London at the end of last week on her way to Moscow, but arrived in Russia “in no condition to appear,” an insider revealed. After two hours of trying to get it together, Amy hit the stage, where she managed to flash her pantyless self to the audience, chain smoke, and chuck her lighter into the audience.

I have a feeling that nobody wanted a souvenir from Amy that night, despite one source’s insistence that “she still put on a terrific show.” Really? I’m failing to see how that happened.