Lindsay Lohan Turns Into A Vampire For Tyler Shields Photo Shoot

Lindsay Lohan looks hot even when she’s covered in blood and killing people and that may have well been the entire point of Tyler Shields new photo shoot and video.

During the shoot Lohan teamed up with Vampire Diaries actor Michael Trevino to swap photos and blood. While I’m not a fan of Lohan, the work looks amazing.

According to Shields, the shoot took a while to get in place, but when it did everything just fell into place. Shields wrote:

“Lindsay and I had been wanting to do this vampire shoot for a while and it came together in perfect time for my gallery. Trevino just happened to be in town it was all meant to be! … He left my house bruised and bleeding and loved every moment of it!”

Here are more photos from the shoot:

Not enough Lohan for you? Here’s the video shoot to accompany the photos: