Katharina Boehm, Sergio Garcia’s Girlfriend, Was Caddy For Thailand Golf Championship

Katharina Boehm, Sergio Garcia's Girlfriend, Was Caddy For Thailand Golf Championship

Katharina Boehm, who is golfer Sergio Garcia’s girlfriend, also served as his caddy even during the Thailand Golf Championship.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sergio Garcia used to be feuding with Tiger Woods, but a recent handshake seems to indicate the hatchet is buried. (Or at least we hope no one gets stabbed in the back with fried chicken.)

Some reports claim Sergio Garcia has an anger problem. If he hits a bad shot he blames someone else, whether it’s his playing partner or the kid raking the sand in the bunkers. But Garcia’s girlfriend, Katharina Boehm, probably is his good luck charm and unlikely to receive any blame. (And if she does… you know who’s getting the couch.)

Garcia asked Boehm to caddy for him during the Thailand Golf Championship, and amazingly, he won for the first time this season, beating this year’s best player, Henrik Stenson, by four shots. Witnesses describe Garcia as more relaxed and “humanized.” (Do robots playing golf blow up in anger?)

And it’s not like Katharina Boehm was hired just because she’s Garcia’s girlfriend. She played on the golf team before she graduated from the College of Charleston last spring, and Garcia has been singing her praises as his caddy:

“No, seriously, it’s great to have her around, forget about having her on the bag this week. Just a very positive person, a lot of good energy, that’s what I love about her, and it’s great to be able to go through this with her. I think the experience, not only for me but for her, I’m sure is interesting and a lot of memories.”

I mean, seriously, when do you ever see a PGA golf star end a winning tournament by kissing his caddy?

What do you think about Katharina Boehm as Sergio Garcia’s caddy? Do you agree he seems to have settled down a bit?