Kevin Costner Provides Inspiration At Veterans Benefit

Kevin Costner is playing an inspirational concert at a Veteran’s benefit.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kevin Costner played another inspirational role in Disney’s McFarland.

Kevin Costner performed an hour long concert with his band Modern West to benefit SEAL- Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The event took place at Air Force One Pavilion, and comedian Adam Carolla also performed.

Mr. Costner has first hand experience in dealing with veterans. His brother served in Vietnam, and he spoke briefly of the plight of American soldiers:

“We understand the sacrifice and probably will never completely understand, but we are with our soldiers.”

Other events included a silent auction which offered a basketball signed by Michael Jordan, a signed jersey by players of the Los Angeles Galaxy, and a football signed by Quinton Aaron from Blindside.

Speakers included Ken Robinson, Vice Chairman of Threat Deterrence, who talked about the difficulties facing vets:

“A man has to know that his back is covered and he doesn’t have to worry that his family is going to have a place to sleep and food to eat and that’s a question mark right now and it shouldn’t be that way in the greatest country in the world, but it is.”

Ken Robinson also helps homeless veterans in Los Angeles. Mr. Robinson seemed less than impressed with Adam Carolla’s attitude towards the American flag. Carolla apparently took to the stage with the Stars and Stripes with a glass of wine in hand. Robinson criticized Carolla:

“I also know how to behave when the flag is presented, and I don’t do it with wine in my hand. I do it with my hand over my heart. It’s not a joke and tonight is serious.”

But Carolla shot back with his typical insouciance:

“I didn’t know this was going to turn into an AA meeting, but all right. This is a huge intervention, and I wasn’t aware of it.”

Some of the numbers performed by Kevin Costner’s band Modern West included war themed songs, such as When the Angels Came Down. The song portrays the comfort provided by angels to victims of war. Kevin Costner ended by empathizing with those touched by the recent wars:

“This room has experienced loss. It’s clear, it’s heavy and it’s real and you move on but trying to describe this moment that you never get over is what this song really is about.”

So what do you think about Kevin Costner’s performance for vets; are you inspired?

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