‘Off The Grid’ Eviction Threatens Cape Coral Homeowner

An “off the grid” eviction is threatening a woman who owns the home in question. She has no running water and no electricity, apparently capturing rain water in barrels and living the life of the settlers.

Apparently after a news story was written about her lifestyle, her home was declared unfit for human habitation. City code allegedly requires basic conditions to be met in order to allow a building to be called a home, though it’s odd that the people who founded this country probably lived the same way, and they had less than the Florida woman does.

Robin Sperona of Cape Coral was given a notice of eviction the day after her lifestyle was made public, when code enforcement officers showed up and declared it uninhabitable. She told the press, “A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter.”

Sperona, facing the “off the grid” eviction, stated that inspection officers never entered her home to actually see in person whether or not their claim was true. The home looks like every other residence in the area.

The lifestyle Robin Sperona had embraced was inspired by a decision to live without medical insurance. Then it hit her that there were other things she could live without, and soon she was collecting rain water and running it through a battery-powered filter to purify it.

Sperona’s electricity was coming from solar power generators, so she had no electric bill either. Her stove was operated with propane burners. She found the lifestyle quite an adventure. She had learned to live like the settlers, and found her independence a fantastic experience.

An attorney has taken Robin Sperona’s side, claiming that the city does not have the power to evict her. She has an entire community backing up her decision to live “off the grid,” and her small home is paid for, her taxes the same.

Robin Sperona claims about the “off the grid” eviction notice, “Cape Coral needs to be afraid of me. I’m not afraid of them.”

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