Loud Cellphone Talkers Get A Clue When They Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Crashing Conversations

Let’s face it: there are millions of things that people do that annoy us.

It’s cool. We’re human, we get annoyed; they’re human, they get annoying. It would take an extra huge, double-plus portion of arrogance with a large side of naivete to believe none of us is on the flip side of this equation every once in a while.

Nevertheless, there are certain things a person should avoid doing in public; chief among those are bodily functions. But somewhere near the top is laying your personal business out in the open (no, we’re not still talking about bodily functions).

“Don’t you hate when people talk loudly on their phones in public?”

Yes, yes we do, comedian Greg Benson. If someone doesn’t want their conversation shared by the public, it’s best that they not broadcast it in so loud a voice that the rest of us in the immediate vicinity cant even hope to ignore it. But what is there to be done about such crass behavior?

“Why not have some fun with it and ‘crash’ their calls?”

Well, Greg, who’s not actually being interviewed, could you give us an example? Like say, a video of you having an identical conversation next to loud cellphone talkers in the air port. Maybe you could have your wife Kim shoot it. What’s that? You’ve got some on your YouTube channel, Mediocre Films? Awesome!

Oh, you mean you have more, like at a youth soccer game?

How about another public venue, like a park?