Avril Lavigne Opens Up About Being A Tomboy, Letting Marilyn Manson Shave Her Head

Avril Lavigne recently opened up about her changing style to the folks at Allure magazine.

In addition to letting the publication give her a makeover for the upcoming January 2014 issue, the Canadian singer opened up about a number of different topics. Lavigne covered everything from being a tomboy to letting Marilyn Manson shave the side of her head.

The “Here’s to Never Growing Up” singer is still hard at work spreading the good word about her self-titled album. Since she decided to sit down with Allure, Avril Lavigne allowed the boys and girls at the magazine to work their stylistic magic on her. You can check out the end result of all their hard work below.

Believe it or not, Avril Lavigne is a little shy. She said this is why fans often catch her wearing her hair down instead of up. Since her long locks serve as a sort of protective barrier from the world, this is the look she often employs when out and about.

“I like to have long hair. I wear it down a lot, especially because I have more of a tomboyish style. I’m a shy person, so my hair is maybe a safety net. I’m not sure, but I’ve always loved long hair,” she explained.

Lavigne also dished on the time she let shock rocker Marilyn Manson shave the side of her head. Although she had her doubts about the look before letting the guy do the dirty work, she was actually a bit surprised by how easy it was to grow her hair back out.

The singer explained:

“I’ve always wanted to shave one side of my head, but it took me about four years to get the nerve. I was in Paris one night, andI was hanging out with [Marilyn] Manson, and I was like, ‘Let’s shave my head!’ He shaved my head, and I finally did it. It was so easy. I thought growing it out would be a way bigger pain in the a** than it actually was. I grew it out because I was married.”

Lavigne also gave the magazine a quick rundown of how her fashion has changed over the years. However, none of this info should come as a shock to her dedicated fans.

“When I was a teenager, I had stick-straight hair, black eyes, Dickies, vintage T-shirts. For my second album, I started wearing bondage pants, shopping at Gothic stores, black streak in my hair. For me, that was growth. For my record The Best Damn Thing, I put pink in my hair and wore heels and dresses,” she said.

What do you think about Avril Lavigne’s Allure makeover?

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