Avril Lavigne Talks New Album, Chad Kroeger, And Growing Up

Avril Lavigne’s new album is finally here and we now know it was created with loving assistance from her husband Chad Kroeger. The pair started out as friends while working in the studio with David Hodges, and Avril has said that Chad was a surprising development in her life.

Avril’s self-titled album has also introduced some twists and turns in the singer’s life, changing her from an allegedly boy-bashing punk brat into a more mature artist. In the process, she worked with rock notables like Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Brian Warner of Marilyn Manson, and she certainly managed to expand her horizons.

One of the songs on Avril Lavigne’s new album, “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” might indicate her reluctance to actually mature as a person, but it happened anyway. After her collaboration with Brian Warner on “Bad Girl,” which was part of her effort to get back to the top in the pop scene, her love life with Chad became almost a paradigm shift for her. Now, with her new album recorded, the singer is ready to settle back into her comfort zone.

Avril Lavigne is still quite the rebel. Her new album seems to be packed with drug references and swear words, and she even had Brian Warner shave half of her hair off because … just because. She is aware of people wanting to hear her music on the radio, and on this she said, “There is a clean version and an explicit version. It’s something I definitely think about, but then I have the opportunity to offer two options.”

She mentioned the Radiohead song in which the phrase “so … special” was used in very different tenses because one had swearing in it:

“Yeah, radio doesn’t play curse words, so if you really want to express yourself, you can feel free, but you have to be prepared to record a clean version. And when I perform on TV or in certain countries, we’re not allowed to say those words. So it’s no problem.”

Avril may be growing up in spite of her rebellious nature after marrying Chad Kroeger, but she was determined not to let it seep into her new album, Avril Lavigne. In fact, the album and her marriage were so integral that their duet “If I Said That I Loved You” was actually played at their wedding as the dance number.

Do you think Avril Lavigne’s new album shows she’s growing up, or has she simply matured as a rebel?

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