Boaz Johnson, Boyfriend And Prime Suspect In Girlfriend’s Murder, Still Missing

Boaz Johnson, the boyfriend and prime suspect in the murder of Brittany Royal, has been missing for seven months, and his family now believes that he may be dead or in danger, too.

This story began in May when the body of Royal, 25, was found strangled and then dumped in the ocean near Hawaii’s Big Island. According to ABC News, Royal had been living in a tent in Hawaii with Johnson when she told her family that she was pregnant. At the time, Johnson was reportedly looking into buying land on the island’s lava fields in order to start a tour business.

When Royal’s body was discovered, Johnson was nowhere to be found, only leaving behind his identification. Johnson’s sister, Sarah Johnson, told the Daily Mail that they are “definitely concerned that he was also murdered alongside Brittany. It’s very possible her body showed up and his didn’t.”

Ruth Johnson told ABC News that “There was a man who came to our house when I lived with Bo in Hawaii and he came and threatened our lives because we had trespassed on what he considered his property.”

Family of both Brittany and Johnson are very frustrated with the search efforts and, according to ABC News, Royal’s mother said that Hawaiian police have shared little to no information regarding the case.

“We are so in needing-to-find-out mode that it’s blocking the grief process, which has been really, really difficult for us,” Julie Royal said. “It’s surreal. It’s like a complete out-of-body experience and it’s just been really tough.”

Johnson’s family believes that he may be dead considering that he was supposed to meet with a realtor to sign a deal to buy 10 acres of land, but he never showed up. Johnson’s sister seems to have lost faith all together. “If he isn’t the murderer, that means he’s dead,” she said. “So what do we have to look forward to. I keep praying that the police get their job done and they find this killer.”

Despite the families feeling left out of the loop of information, reports stated that police say the case is still considered “very active.”

[Image by Frank Schulenburg via Wikimedia Commons]

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