Taco Bell To Launch The Grilled Stuft Nacho This Week

Taco Bell is hoping to satisfy your hunger in a slightly different way later this week.

Although reports started making the rounds a few months back that Taco Bell was testing a so-called Grilled Stuft Nacho at a few of its locations, little information about the item landing at other locations was available to the public. If you’ve been craving the concoction since you first read about it in October, then steel your taste buds for its arrival.

According to Food Beast, Taco Bell is all set to unleash the Grilled Stuft Nacho at restaurants this Thursday (December 19). Consider this the fast food chain’s gift to you this holiday season.

What sort of goodies is Taco Bell cramming into their latest offering? Word on the street suggests that the company takes seasoned beef, spicy nacho cheese sauce, red tortilla strips, and sour cream, stuffs it inside a large flour tortilla, and grills it to perfection.

However, you’ll have to grab the Grilled Stuft Nacho while you can. Apparently this sucker is only available for a limited time, though the restaurant could always decide to keep it around if they start selling record numbers of the menu item. Adventurous eaters can give the product a spin for only $1.29.

QSR reports that Taco Bell has another promotion lined up to “celebrate the NCAA’s final year of the Bowl Championship Series.” Also starting this Thursday, fans can pick up 12 tacos in a number of different flavors for the low price of $10.99.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the restaurant is revamping its menu over the course of 2014. In addition to tossing a few more items on its $1 menu, the fast food chain is getting serious about tackling the breakfast market. In the company’s opinion, Taco Bell is all set to dominate the early morning hours.

“Our greatest growth opportunity is with breakfast, and we think we’ll win for three reasons: We have the right products (waffle tacos, a.m. crunch wraps), the right pricing and positioning, and everyone is enthusiastically behind it. We’re just growing our total business,” CEO Greg Creed explained earlier this month.

If everything goes according to the chain’s plans, then customers could soon order their food without setting foot near a store. Instead, hungry individuals can place their order through the official Taco Bell app and have the items ready to roll when they arrive.

“Mobile is a huge opportunity. We’ve developed an amazing breakthrough mobile [platform] where you can order, pay and have loyalty. It’s a huge growth platform,” Creed added.

Are you planning to grab some of Taco Bell’s Grilled Stuft Nachos this Thursday?

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