Justin Bieber Cyber Bullying PSA Coming Soon

Teen superstar Justin Bieber has agreed to record a cyber bullying public service announcement. The move comes after Bieber’s manager was charged with causing a frenzy in a New York Mall in Oct. 2009 when Bieber’s performance at the mall caused more than 3,000 screaming female fans to show up at his location. When Bieber’s manager refused to send out a Tweet from Bieber’s account telling fans he would not be at the mall it lead to several misdemeanor charges in Nassau County, including child endangerment.

The PSA will be give students in Long Island, New York information about curbing online taunting.

Prosecutors have agreed to drop charges in their pending case based on Bieber’s agreement to create the PSA.

Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said charges were being dropped because:

“To have someone like Justin Bieber, who is emulated by kids his age across the world, educating people about the dangers of cyberbullying – that’s invaluable.”