UPS Driver Leaves Android Tablet In Trash Can On Trash Day

Barnhart, MO — A UPS driver left an Android tablet meant as a Christmas gift in a trash can on trash day.

Tracey Sole said she saved up for months to buy an Archos 7 Android tablet for her daughter. When she got home, she saw a delivery note stating, “In black trash can.”

But when she checked the trash can, it was empty. She believed the package was thrown out before she got home.

“It was awful,” Sole told KTVI. “Probably the worst thing.”

Sole contacted UPS, who told her to contact the company she ordered the tablet from. That company told her they would send her a new tablet, but there was no guarantee that it would arrive by Christmas.

A UPS spokesperson told KTVI that if a customer is not home, their drivers are trained to leave packages in locations that are “out of sight and protected from inclement weather.”

Friday, Tracey Sole wrote in the comments section of KTVI that the trash can was empty when the UPS driver put the package in there. She said he must have thought that the trash had already been picked up. Sole also said she turned down several offers for money or a replacement and explained that the idea “was not to get money, it was to get UPS’s attention” so she would be able to get the tablet that she ordered.

“UPS is doing just that, and everyone that I have spoken to since has been wonderful,” Sole said. She also said that she understands that mistakes happen and that she is going to request that the driver who left the package in the trash can “not be terminated from his employment.”

Two years ago, a FedEx driver was caught on camera throwing a customer’s flat screen TV over a fence. Less than a week later, a UPS driver was caught on camera throwing a customer’s package onto their front porch and then flipping off the camera.

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