Denise Richards Is A Holiday Humbug, Says Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards is causing Charlie Sheen a few headaches this Christmas.

The former Two and a Half Men star wasn’t too happy that his ex-wife decided to change the holiday plans he originally had with their daughters. In true Sheen fashion, he decided to let the entire world know just how disappointed he was with her decision.

According to TMZ, Denise Richards recently found herself the subject of her ex-husband’s wrath on Twitter. Since celebrities can’t do anything without telling folks about it on the micro-blogging site, Sheen decided to spread the news to his legion of followers.

Not only did the Anger Management star issue an angry tweet on the subject, he also posted a picture of a wedding souvenir he received after tying the marital knot with Denise Richards back in 2002. Since the guy is clearly ticked off, he decided to cut up the bat with a very large knife. Check out the pic in question below.

Instead of spending time with Sheen this Christmas, Denise Richards and her children are doing their own thing. Why she decided against hanging out with Charlie this holiday season isn’t immediately available.

According to Us Weekly, other anonymous insiders claim that Charlie Sheen is still very welcome to join his ex-wife and their kids on their Christmas trip. Since Denise Richards hasn’t addressed the rumors in any official capacity, it’s unclear what’s going on behind-the-scenes at the moment.

Despite the problems Sheen and Richards faced in the past, they recently appeared to have put their differences aside for the children. Both parents were reportedly spotted together last October hanging out together at a pumpkin patch. Sheen also reportedly let Richards borrow his expensive private jet not too long ago.

However, it would appear that those moments of peace are currently over and out. Check out Charlie Sheen’s tweet about Denise Richards below.

TMZ is currently reporting that a very angry and bitter Charlie Sheen wants to take Denise Richards to court to get rights to his kids on certain holidays. If the recent rumors are correct, then the actor also wants to cut back on the amount of child support his ex-wife gets. Sheen presently shells out $55,000 a month to take care of his children.

What do you think about the growing feud between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards?

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