John Cena Reveals: 'I Won’t Get Married Again, I Won’t Have Kids'

Addam Corré

John Cena has been all over the news lately, most recently for his defeat by Randy Orton last night in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Nevertheless, Cena seems steadfast in his position that he definitely doesn't want to get married or have kids with Nikki Bella. Last night's season finale of Total Divas set the record straight as far as the couple's future is concerned.

Recently, when Nikki flew in some close friends for a party, they inquired as to her future with John Cena. At that time Nikki abruptly ended the conversation as Cena said it wasn't going to be happening on the marriage front.

He even tried to state his reasons for that decision, but Nikki simply didn't want to hear it. The finale grew tense as John and Nikki sat down to talk about the marriage thing once again.

At one point, when asked about the prospect of marriage and kids, Cena said: "I can't give you that." Nikki retorted: "I make all of the sacrifices, and you make none."

Despite her comments Cena stood firm and said: "I won't get married again, and I won't have kids." This reality will no doubt make things pretty tricky for the reality TV stars, but is Cena for real or just full of hot air?

His previous marriage may not have finished on the best of terms, but does that mean that Cena should shun the institution of marriage and perhaps more importantly having kids?

Do you think that John Cena means it when he says he doesn't want to get married or have any more children? Or could it be a ploy by the producers of the Reality show to garner more viewers and higher ratings?

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