New York Sees 8 Inches Of Snow During Weekend Winter Storm

New York received around eight inches of snow during the winter storm that passed through the tri-state area over the weekend.

Although parts of NYC received several inches of snow when the system hit the area Saturday night and Sunday morning, NBC News reports that counties to the north and west received the most accumulation. Some areas received eight inches during the storm.

A light snowfall began in the region early Saturday night. However, it didn’t take long for the storm to kick into high gear. The snow forced the cancellation and delay of several flights in the area, while officials told motorists to proceed with caution as the roads quickly became hazardous to navigate.

According to The Star-Ledger, the National Weather Service predicted that two inches of snow could hit the New York area every hour. The original prediction for the area was between four and 10 inches.

In addition to hitting New York, folks living in New Jersey were also preparing for the worst. The Department of Transportation had approximately 1,500 plows and 560 salt trucks on the roads to help drivers traverse the snow-covered roadways.

“I had to be on the road, so I’m on the road, but the roads are not easy. My daughter and I were counting, there were only seven cars we passed. Those were the other seven people that should not be on the road,” a Westchester resident told NBC News.

Although travel could prove treacherous during the early morning hours Sunday, rising temperatures could help melt some of the snow and ice off the roadways. Colder temperatures are currently expected to hit the New York area on Monday, followed by another winter storm on Tuesday. However, no accumulation is presently predicted.

Not surprisingly, the snowfall in New York resulted in several incredible snapshots from area residents. If you’re curious to see some images of the accumulating snow, then check out the embedded tweets below.

Were you affected by the recent snow storm that hit the New York area?

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