Toronto eyeing a NFL franchise of its own

So Toronto, Ontario, Canada would like to have a NFL team of its very own. I think we all knew that already, but now the city has gone public with its desires to land a NFL franchise to call its own. There is even talk about them constructing a new NFL style stadium on the lake front to lure a team into relocation. While it is one thing to say hey we want the Buffalo Bills, who already play a game there each year, it is quite another to openly advocate for a team especially when that other team is the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints released a statement of their own, calling any idea of relocating to Toronto as Borderline Ridiculous. They have to play nice; I do not have that limitation. If a city wants a NFL team the very worst thing they could do is openly advocate for that in the press. It turns people off, turns off the league itself, and makes any potential moves very difficult. If Toronto wants a NFL team of its own, they really need to learn to keep their mouths shut.

With that being said Toronto would be an excellent NFL market. It is a city with about 2.5 million people, and many more in the surrounding areas. It is a so called Super City and a NFL team could thrive there for years to come. It is a much more attractive NFL market then say Buffalo, New York. I would also put Jacksonville, Florida on that list but Team Teal may take offense. Anyway we slice this a NFL team in Toronto is a good idea, but they should not be saying so in the press. Especially considering the recent history of the city of New Orleans.

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