More Gannett Cuts: Des Moines Register and Courier-Journal

It looks like cuts are being made at most Gannett Co newspapers today, with more news of cuts coming through. For the earlier round, see Hundred of Newspaper Jobs Cut.

The latest, via the Gannett Blog, a blog set up by a former Gannett employee to track the cuts:

Des Moines Register has a net loss of 60 positions made up of 41 redundancies, the cancellation of 15 open positions and 4 voluntary redundancies. Total cut is 6.9% of 801 people.

The Courier Journal of Lousiville has a net loss of 69, with 36 forced redundancies, 17 voluntary redundancies and 18 open positions will not be filled.

No doubt there will be more bad news to come, we’ll update the post as we received the latest news. If you’ve lost your job and you’d like to share the company notice, duncan at or leave a comment.

Update: latest cuts include Staunton News Leader: net 15 with 10 redundancies, Louisiana Town Talk net 10 and Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger 33.

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