Another Unknown Bin Laden Raid Tidbit – The SEALs K9 Partner

Late last night I wrote about the secret helicopters used by the SEAL team in their raid to get Osama bin Laden and now this morning we get to find out about another really cool thing to do with the SEAL team.

According to The Sun the SEAL team was not just made up of some highly skilled human soldiers but they also had as an integral part of the team a commando trained German Shepard. It appears, according to the post, that these war dogs are now considered to be an equal member of the SEAL teams.

Heavily armoured hounds — equipped with infrared night-sight cameras — have been used in the past by the top-secret unit.

The war dogs wear ballistic body armour that is said to withstand damage from single and double-edged knives, as well as protective gear which shields them from shrapnel and gunfire.

The animals will attack anyone carrying a weapon and have become a pivotal part of special operations as they crawl unnoticed into tunnels or rooms to hunt for enemy combatants.

The cameras on their heads beam live TV pictures back to the troops, providing them with critical information and warning of ambushes.

Dogs were also used in the capture of Saddam Hussein and in the killing of the Iraqi dictator’s two sons.

The dogs that are a part of these teams are well protected as well with a specially designed vest from K9 Storm as you can see from the images below.

Another really cool thing about these war dogs: they are trained to wear oxygen masks and be able to jump from planes at 25,000ft.

And you thought your dog was tough.