Justin Bieber Delays 'Journals,' A Smart Move

Justin Bieber is delaying the release of his Journals collection for a week. But the reason will likely delight his fans, as it means they're getting more music for their money.

The temporary digital roll out of Bieber's 10 impressive, already released #MusicMondays singles plus five new songs and videos (the Journals package) was originally locked in for December 16, but will now literally arrive on the eve of Christmas Eve --- hitting iTunes on December 23.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, the 19-year-old explained the reason for the delay, writing,

"BIG NEWS!!! Wrote another smash this week! Want you to have it! Making it a Christmas gift and moving #journals to the 23rd! So… Monday 12.23."

The teen singer's follow on message: "Monday 12.23 #journals #10days #16songs # newvideos," possibly suggests more video may be added to the collection's existing visuals ("All That Matters," the Believe movie trailer, and a Guatemala Pencils of Promise video).

Bieber's inclusion of a sixth song tops up the new cuts previously announced --- "Backpack Ft. Lil Wayne," the Diplo produced "Memphis Ft. Big Sean," "What's Hatnin' Ft. Future," "Swap It Out," and "One Life."

Justin Bieber 'Complete My Journals' Artwork

As per Billboard, a video for the Canadian's "Confident" collaboration with MC Chance is slated to be filmed this side of Christmas for an early 2014 unveiling. Has it been moved forward to add the video to Journals? A tweet from Bieber choreographer, Nick DeMoura, hints it might.

Previously, the window to purchase the complete Journals collection ($13.99) on iTunes was set to December 16-January 2. Presumably this now shifts to December 23-January 9.

Justin Bieber 'Memphis Ft. Diplo & Big Sean'ArtworkFrom one perspective --- with or without the new song --- a December 23 drop is a dramatic lead-in, and a neater dovetail with the Christmas Day debut of the Believe concert-movie. It's likely also an intuitive nod to the effect of Beyonce's recent stealth album release.

If so, it's appropriate.

Any major artist who understands and navigates the Internet the way Bieber does and didn't fluidly respond to what Bloomberg, most music trades, the NYT's Jon Pareles and significant critics are calling Mrs. Carter's game changing, creative scene-stealer; isn't listening.

Justin Bieber 'Backpack Feat. Lil Wayne' Cover

Bieber's fans (and everyone else) --- many of whom are likely exploring Bey's opus --- now have time to let it settle before making mental room again for Journals, and a singer who has been described as R&B's next big thing ahead of his 2014 album and beyond.

For Journals tracklisting (without the new song) click here.

Justin Bieber 'One Life' Covert Art


Justin Bieber 'What's Hatnin' Ft. Future' Artwork


Justin Bieber 'Swap It Out' Artwork