Dog Rescued From Frozen Pond Survives

A dog rescued from a frozen pond in Auburn, Maine survived with the help of first responders. Early Tuesday morning, the doberman fell into the pond, which had frozen over.

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported on an incident involving a child that froze to death in a car. Fortunately, this dog was rescued from the chilling cold pond.

First responders arrived to Taylor Pond not long after 2am, when the fire department had received the call; the hole the dog fell through was close to 200 feet from the shore. Ice rescues are fairly common in this part of Maine, but this happened to be one of the first of the season for the Auburn fire department.

“This time of year we begin to ramp up our expectations and refreshing on-ice rescue training, so we were prepared,” explained Auburn Fire Chief Frank Roma. “At this time of the year, early in the season and late in the season as the ice is coming in and going out, that these type of incidents happen.”

In order to rescue the dog, firefighters put on their exposure suits and gently made their way out to the whole. Using an inflatable boat, they were able to pull the dog across the frozen pond to shore. She was unconscious and hypothermic when she arrived on shore.

Rescue teams were standing by to attempt to revive the dog. She continued to receive care on route to the Animal Emergency Clinic, where the dog ultimately survived the close call. The doberman and her owner were reunited after the frozen pond scare was over.

Happy to have rescued the dog, emergency responders took the opportunity to work on their training for ice rescue. Especially at night, rescuing animals and people from ice can be a very difficult task. In most circumstances, ice needs to be between 4-5 inches thick for safety.

The people of Auburn, Maine should know that the dog rescued from the frozen pond can reassure them that their rescue teams are ready for the season.

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