Pro Wrestler Banned From Walmart For Life [Video]

Owing to a lifetime Walmart ban, former professional wrestler Joe Cantrell won’t be doing any Christmas shopping at his favorite retail store.

He has been smacked down by a permanent ban from Walmart.

Cantrell, an Arizona resident, wrestled for eight years before he was disabled by injury. Given his limited income, he is (or was) a big fan of Walmart, especially the company’s official price-matching policy, and claims to visit the store twice a day hunting for bargains. Walmart’s website promises “We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.”

According to the Phoenix ABC News affiliate, “So four months ago, he started ad matching. But last week when a Walmart employee told him it wasn’t allowed, Joe complained to management.” The employee called the cops because he felt he was being intimidated by Cantrell, an allegation that the ex-wrestler vehemently denies. “I was upset, but never once did I say anything to this gentlemen.”

When Cantrell returned to the store that he loves a few days later to buy Christmas tree ornaments, “three deputies handcuffed him, gave him a court summons and a notice banning him from any Walmart in the world for life.” Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies let him go, but he still faces charges of facing charges of threatening, intimidation, and disorderly conduct, which he will have to answer to in court.

A Walmart spokesperson claimed that Cantrell threatened the employee:

“This situation was about the safety of our associate and not our ad match policy. We make every effort to make sure our customers have a good experience in our stores. Unfortunately, in this situation, our associate felt threatened and local law enforcement was contacted.? We are continuing to cooperate with law enforcement on their investigation.”

The Walmart official added that the employee (rather than Walmart itself) is pressing charges against Cantrell.

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